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tv   SFCTA Plans and Programs Committee 11717  SFGTV  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>>[cheerring] so this concludes today's performance. we all cannot sell present cookies and tea in the north light work and please, join us. thank you. >>[applause] >> >> >> >> alright, good morning, everyone, welcome to our plans and programs meeting of the san francisco tran por transportation thortd, today is tuesday january 17, 2017. our clerk is steve stamos and today we are joined by two new
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commissioners, commissioner jeff sheehy and [inaudible] safai, with that, mr. clerk, let's call the ro*l. >> iem tem 1, roll call, commissioner breed, absent, commissioner farrell, absent, commissioner safai, present, commissioner sheehy. er >> prenlt. sheehy, present. >> commissioner tang? >> present. >> we have a quorum. er >> thank you, item 2, please. er >> item 2, citizens advisory committee report, this is an information item. >> alright. thank you, we have chris [inaudible], our cac chair here. >> good morning, commissioners, welcome, new commissioners, good to see new faces and current faces, good to see you all, we only had one item that's on your agenda this morning, item number 4, the allocation of 653 thousand in prop k funds to bart for balboa
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park station. very minor in a lot of ways but we had some concerns over the et thet ix of the glass head house in comparison to the brutality earn design that is at glen park and balboa park station. i spoke with the architect and he said that the designs were to honor and complement the existing designs so the glass head house was mostly the issue, so the glass versus [inaudible] was something that people on the cac had issues with. regarding cost increases, we wondered why the engineering estimates were as low as they were in comparison the the ultimate contractor bids, increase ins the scope and change order with also of concern so, nr the end, we wondered whether it was the bid environment or staff engineers and contractors not scoping a project budget or a combination of all of these things. this item passed 2347 favor,
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one abstention and three members not present. >> great, thank you so much. with we get to that item, i'm go to literally play around with chairs here, one second. thank you. so, when we get to the staff presentation, i'm going ask them to address the concerns you raised, thank you, so are there any members of the public who would like to comment on item 2 then? seeing none, public comment is closed and item 3. >> item 3, approve the minutes of the december 6, 2016 meeting, this is an action item. >> alright, can we get a motion to approve the minutes? >> so moved. >> alright, thank you, and we'll do that without objection then. sorry, do we have to go to public comment, yes, item 3, public comment, minutes, seeing none, public comment is closed and we had a motion and we'll do that without objection. >> roll call. >> we're a mess here, sorry, so
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item 3, let's rescind that and let's do roll call vote. er >> item 3, commissioner fa tsai. >> yes. >> safai, aye, commissioner sheehy ?frjts aye. er >> commissioner tang? >> aye. >> the minutes are approved. >> alright, thank you t minutes are adopted, i'm supposed to be the veteran here but i'm messing up, item 4? >> recommend allocation of 653 thousand 101 in prop k funds with conditions to the bay area rapid strans sit district for if ball bow ka park station eastside connection, additional scope project subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedule, this is an action item. er >> i'm mike pick flooder, we have one request as you know this morning, bart is requesting prop k funds to exercise a contract option which is not relate today the base projts but -- and expand the scope of its existing project, the balboa park station eastside connections project and that is kurntsly under construction. so, the base project will create better connections
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between muni and bart station by constructing a new accessible muni platform and walkway and head house that would connect to the bart station. we have an illustration of the base project here, so the transportation authority has allocated 2.2 in prop k and 1.9 in program transportation funds to the project since 2010. the work that bart is requesting funds for today would improve the appearance and comfort of the station by refitting glass window ins the clear storey, as you can see illustrated, where there's currently deteriorating opaque panel, this will increase natural light nr the station as the original design intended. the additional scope will also construct a new ceiling and light ining the concourse of the station. this work package was a contract option in the contract to do the base project and was authorized by the bart board subject to finding availability, so now prop k is
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able to leverage other sources including measure r-r bond funds that were passed by the voters in november and some state funds to get it done and the entire project will be open for use by june, 2018. and with that, i can take any questions. >> great, can you -- would you miepd addressing some of the comments that chair wad ling addressed through the cac and cost increases or at least i guess the bidding, he had a question around that too. >> we were hoping bart staff would be here but i don't see any at the moment, one thing i will say is the request under consideration today is a contract option that is separate from any of the costs involve ined the base contract itself. i think what we've referred to in the scope in terms of the cost of the overall project was the last time that the transportation authority saw a request related to this
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eastside project, so it was less well developed at that point, you know, i can't get into details about every single element of the cost but i know that the budget was less well developed at that point and as you've seen with other construction contracts around the city, this is a very competitive time to be building anything here and if [inaudible] would like to add anything to that. >> good morning, commissioners, welcome, i'm anna law ford, director for policy and programming with the transportation authority, apologies on behalf of bart staff, they are stuck in a bart delay, but [laughter] so i'll pinch hit for the -- this was also brought up at the citizens advisory committee meeting, the original contract was put out to bid over a year and a half ago and may have been longer before because the project is well under construction and this is a contract option that was originally bid on when the
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contract was originally let or issued if you will. we did follow up with bart staff about the reason for the overall project cost increase a portion of it is due to this additional scope, a portion was due to the bid environment at the time of the contract being out on the street. it is typical of what we have been hearing from some of the sfmta projects on the transit projects, sometimes there is a single bidder for several contracts so we're left to negotiate with a single bidder or reject a bid and take a risk that you're going out to a more favorable bid environment. i don't know for sure if -- the number of bidders on the original scope of work, we can find that out if the commission is interested in that, and then so there were -- so, there's the additional scope, there was the contracting environment and then there's corresponding contingency amounts and projts management costs that go up when scope increases as well,
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so naoez are the corresponding costs that go along with the scope increase. >> okay. great. and then in terms of -- i can't recall, did you have an issue, mr. wad ling, about design as well. i'm not sure if bart can address the design. >> this was also brought up at the citizens advisory committee meeting and bart staff replied that there had been many, many discussions about the design at the time that the head house was being designed and one of the -- including with the architect that was involved with the new features so there was the sentiment that the station needed a front door, if you will, some kind of an access and entry point, there was also the sentiment of wanting to stay away from the concrete that existed now, so not setting up more concrete, to put up light and glass and recognizing that it was a
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contrast but that that was where it ended up with the then bart director and with the conversations that took place at the time. >> okay. alright. well, thank you for your presentation and answering those questions, colleagues, do you have any questions or comments on this item? no? mr. safai ?frjts yes, i think this is an important step in helping to really open up and redesign a poorly designed station that gets a tremendous amount of use, particularly from people that are pedestrian nas are trying to connect to the other side, i commend you and this is a great project for our part of town, thank you. >> alright, okay, great, so with that, then let's open up item 4 to public comment. >> as i mentioned, chris wad ling, cac chair, i spoke with the architect who helped design the head house, i wanted to
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enter into the record what he communicated to me. he was basing his designs off of one of the brutality architectures by the name of james sterling, sterling design, crystalline glass forms with rough concrete, it was from their varied works, because his environments were overcast, he designed more glass forms into his architecture, similar to bart's beginnings and the main reason is function, the groan house is compatible with many overcast days of marine environment, roof format is the existing v over the station, it and its glass walls differ from concrete and are a complement to the heavy forums, the head house incrude thing v that looked like too much v, they considered the passions of the original design architect who was earnest born and he was more into a medievalist type
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churches, he *f you figured he would introduce [inaudible] those were his design comments and as commissioner safai mentioned, the community agreed those were well worth it. >> any of the members of the public who wishes to comment on item 4? seeing none, public comment is closed. i do agree that i think probably almost any change under the current conditions will look way better so, with that said, then can we get a motion to approve item 4. >> so moved. >> okay, and we will do that, same house, same call without objection. alder, item 5? >> item 5, introduction of new items. >> great, so i'm guessing that ta staff have already briefed the new commissioners on new items, i don't think we'll have any today. we'll go to public comment on item 5. okay, seeing none, public comment is closed.
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and now item 6. >> item 6, general public comment. >> yes, good morning, andrew here, the haubl u [inaudible] of human heart leads to the recovery of holy heart and [inaudible] with good conscious for once knowing the capabilities of uses and pathways, one [inaudible] well-beings for the [inaudible] people, helping hands for people in the days of difficulties, the pitching of true principles for their full awakening and turn the dangers to back to forever security are known as [inaudible] for the holy way, such relief acts of mission [inaudible] also promote the free spirit of public nature for the person, [inaudible] one will make use of restfulness, good nutrition, meditation for the nourishment of one's spiritual soul for a healthy life, the internal and
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external works of holy way and holy virtue will ensure of completely [inaudible] of once holy objective of advancement, with that, the recreation of personal, family and social relationships will come to an absolute [inaudible] of ultimate virtue, of loyalty, of parental love, of dignity, of maou manatee, of justice, of proper manners, of wisdom, of trust, such 9 vir chugs of a beautiful person shall be actualized of holiness, amen, thank you. >> any other members of the public wish to comment? is there someone else? no? okay, seining none, then the -- >> before you close public comment, i want to recognize todd morgan is here pr the bart financial management staff and he's here to answer any questions that you have from bart staff as part of public comment or as part of the item. >> i don't think we're able to
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take public comment on the bart item only because we only went through that, if we have follow-up, we'll approach you personally, so with that, public comment is now closed. item 7. >> item 7, adjournment. >> all right, we are adjourned, thank you. ( meeting is adjourned ). rich here. moss. supervisor kim. we have a quorum. >> welcome everybody to the treasure island development authority board meeting. this is the first of the year and there is much that we will
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do in this year. it is very exciting year because we are implementing the many years of planning that we had before this and this year we will actually start the construction of much of the infrastructure. next item. >> item 2, general public comment. allows member of the public to address the board on matters that are within the subject matter jurisdiction and do not appear on todays ajendsa. in addition to public comment it is held in each item on the ajendsa. members may address the board for up to three minutes. you will hear a single chime with 30 seconds remaining. state your name and organization you represent if any for the record. >> any members in the audience would like to address the board? please come up and state your name, please. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is serene sandage and i am
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the president of sandage urban glup, a affordable housing developer that specializing in low to moderate income development and i don't know if i'm early or late. hope i'm on time but we are interesting gathering information how to provide and participate in the transitional housing piece that is slated to be on the property so i came to introduce myself and find out what the process is and next step squz who should contact as a follow up for plans and prezen sentations. >> if you can leave yourp card i'll be in touch with you. >> thank you very much. >> bob is our executive director and can get information from him. anybody else addressing the commission today? >> good afternoon. my name is
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sharon lee and i am representing the [inaudible] culinary academy and i am interest said finding out the proper channels how to start a culinary program for the youth from the ages of 6 years old to 17, so that's why i'm here is find out the process to go about to do that. >> again, if you can leave your card or contact information myself and perhaps treasure island homeless initiative will be in touch. >> thank you very much and happy new you. >> i may add that maybe look nothing to had ymca since they have programs for youth might be a good contact as well. anybody else? hearing none, next item. please.
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>> item 3, report by treasure island director. >> thank you members of the board. i just want to acknowledge as it was announced yesterday the lucas museum of narrative arts board of directors elected to move for would with the site in los angeles. the museum award is a asset the bay area and for the islands would have elevated and enhanced recreational opportunities, accelerated the transit services and had significant secondary benefits for the community. i didn't to say as someone working with the lucas team, during the evaluation of the opportunities here and in los angeles they were positive, proactive and forright throughout the process and want to wish them the greatest success in los angeles. in the next couple days we will evaluate how to wind down the
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environmental evallation efforts and other work rel ative to the museum. also want today recognize the efforts and leadership of adam vanderwater, with the office of economic development for his leadership in coordination with the lucas team. in operational issues on the island, the last 24 hours we had a number of trees that came down on the island. the combination of very heavy rains and high winds took the tol and had more half a dozen trees come down, two of which struck parked automobiles. we also had a transmission line pole on the ilen that was fractureed. it didn't come down causing immediate interruption to services but the pu c
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is on site in the process making emergency repairs that required a temporary outage to portions of the residential neighborhoods as well as several commercial buildings. notices went out this morning to the residential property managers and commercial tenants, 311 and posted next door. that work is supposed to be completed by close of business today. in november, tida staff along with representatives from the san francisco department of environment conducted a natural areas day with students and faculty fwraum from the treasure island job corp campus including from the farm club and facility management training with demonstration of stew rds sp, native plant identification and sidewalks in the ybi natural areas. also, staff is working with san
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francisco fire department bureau of fire prevention to host a class next week for the residential property managers on the new san francisco fire code requirements for the multiresidential buildings and distributing information and postings. as we reported in november rfx the bike path on the bay bridge is now open and continues to be open on saturday and sunday which is expected to be-caltrans expects to continue limiting the hours into had summer of 2017. we continue working with the san francisco transportation authority to provide shuttle service from the touchdown of the bike ramp down to the parking lot across from 9th and avenue b near the grade lawn. after a busy initial
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month, the ridership numbers have been down over the last several weeks as we have seen colder weather and holidays distract people so we reduced back the shuttle service >> to a single vehicle per day and expect to continue that until we see a increase in demand. with the shuttle pedestrians and bicyclists continue to come down hillcrest and treasure island boulevard on their own and look at traffic calming and safety measures. it is relatively quite two months since the last meeting in terms of events. the november flee market was rained out and planned to be closeed for december and come back at the end of january for the regular session on the last weekend of the mupth. we did see pretty good crowds for the new years eve
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fireworks show despite the fact the majority the great lawn is fenced for demolition but there were no unusual traffic problems or incident to report as a result. we did have a meeting with bcdc staff and representatives from treasure island enterprises and treasure island sailing center to discuss the compromise plan for clipper cove and initiate the discussion of bc applications for both tie and tisc as separate projects going forward. we look forward working with bcdc staff to evaluate the conformance of the proposed plan with bcdc objectives during the application processment we also working on long term leases with both tie and
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tisc. next week our-two weeks from yesterday the resolution of initants to form the ifd and cfd will be back before the board of supervisors. the resolutions were adauptded in december and on the 24th will hold the public hearings on the formation. the special election by property owners and the board will consider the associated legislation required to complete the formation. the director of public works approved subdivision regulations for treasure island in december and with that the separate 10ative subdivision maps were submitted for review by city agencies. in the construction-out in the field, the demolition of the star
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barracks casa deluvista market were complete and building 180 is under way. site work and grading, on ybi is expected to mobilize in early to mid-february to prepare for roadway realignment and tcid is negotiating a contract for geotechnical improvements and upon conclusion of that we expect the contract will mobilize in mid-march. i ust and wanted to cloest close my comments by noting we had two unfortunate incident on christmas eve this year. billie martin with pacific lands surveying who is the lead sur vaier preparing legal descriptions and maps for property transfers and
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subdivision process died of a heart attack christmas eve and tyrone griffon who was a maintenance working with chp villages was stabbed and killed in hayward while christmas shopping with his son so it was a somber christmas eve for many parts the program. that concludes my comments. >> thank you bob. we will open to comments by the board. any comments that the board- >> happy new year to all the staff and members of the public. just want to make a quick comment on the [inaudible] yes, we were expecting the museum would be housed at treasure island but there is sysilver island with or without the
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museum and trying to borrow from one of the comments of the directors, treasure islands has a bright future and i am going to direct members of the public and everyone to look at the master plan. there is no other project on the world scene that is built from the ground up that incorporating destination for the arts for housing, for recreation and training and cultural significance. we have a jewel of a project here and everyone recognizes that. the site in southern california is a parking lot and i know the [inaudible] are trying to be modest but there are so many potentials for treasure island and this project will be built between now and the next 20 years and you are going to be having millions of people not just in the bay area from all over the world will be coming to see a project in the
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bay, a jewel of not only the bay area, but the entire united states of america. on that note, we are moving on and we will concentrate on trying to brild this project and we are very excited about that and all the element jz tried to accommodate the museum and now we have the space to use for all the other things that are included in our master plan. thank you to director bob beck, you have done a great job. with the leadership of the treasure islands development authority we are working behind the scene to support our great mayor and board of supervisor jz all the major stakeholders so we are still in the game and this is northern california project. thank you all. >> let me say that of course we were disappointed by the lucas
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museum decision to move to los angeles . we had felt treasure islands was a wonderful sin energy but in fact with or without the lukeal museum treasure island will become a jewel and we will be known for many things. the environmental, the open space we are planning and the arts program, which we will hear about. treasure islands will have its own stellar identity and i think it is not demenshed by the fact the lukeal museum decide to go to los angeles. maybe it is in some ways a opportunity for us to create the identity of treasure island as it should be. but, i did want to thank the mayor's office, bob beck and the tida staff and the oewd staff
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because they worked tirelyless and worked very hard for the last three months to put together the best possible package. i think it wasn't because of the lack of what we had in that package, it was more other factors of location and what they felt was the reason why they didants come to treasure island. thank you to bob and to the city staff for making a tremendous effort. i like to ask one thing, bob, which i think it is great news and which also signifies how treasure island will have its own identity and really be on the cutting edge of environmental issues as well as transportation. there was recently the award by the federal government to the
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transportation-county transportation authority for designated treasure island as being the site for self driving vehicles and we are looking for a experimental program to do that. would you give us more information on that? >> yeah, the treasure islands program received a total of $11 million in funding from that transportation grant but apologize for not including that in the comments since that was a significant award to the the program. $10 million is for the implementation of the congestion management program which will help complete the engineering and design for that projects as well as installation of the infrastructure. there was $1 million included to pilot an autonomous shuttle on the island and as you know,
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the transportation program calls for the ac transit and muni bus lines to drop off passengers near the front of the island. the commercial sentser of the island as well as this is where the ferry system will aprive and depart and we'll have a online shuttle that will take passengers from the commercialsenter and transportation hub to the neighborhoods and up on yerba buena island for the last half mile to their homes. this grant is intended to allow us to punchs two vehicles that are yet to be specified or developed so we don't have a identified strategic or technology partner at this time, but this would allow us to enter into a partnership where we would be able to
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pilot autonomous shuttles as a potential means of implementing that on the island shuttle program. >> great. i think that is really good news that we were able to get that amount of money from the dot and thanks to also sfcpa and tilly chang for pursuing that. it is another example of the cutting edge that treasure island will be in terms of the congestion man agement plan and also autonomous vehicles. it is really a great thing. are there any comments to the directors report? if not, next item, please. >> item 4, communications from and received by tida. there were communications from ti dii and treasure island sailing. >> any question or comments from the
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board? any public comment? next item. >> item 5, ongoing business by board of directors. >> any items? hearing none, next item. >> item 6, consent agenda. all matters listed constult consent are considered routine by the authority board and acted on by a single vote. there is no separate discussion unless a member so requests in which event the matter shall be removaled and considered as a separate item. item 6 a, approving the minutes of november 16, 2016 meeting. b, resolution aprubing a memorandum of agreement between treasure islands development authority and san francisco county transportation authority for replantsing trees removed by the sfcta. >> c, resolution authorizing adjustment of fees for utility user on treasure
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and yerba buena island ret row act rfb to december 1, 2016. >> moved. >> do i is a second? >> second. any questions or comments by the board? hearing none all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> item 7, treasure island master plan status update. >> thank you members the board. jill matin from the arts commission will be presenting on this item. >> good afternoon. it is very exciting to talk to you about the development of the treasure islands arts master plan. this is work in progress over the past year we have worked closely of course with the excellent staff at tida and our wonderful colleagues at cmg
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site, the lead designers of the island. at this point, we held two public meetings, one was conducted on treasure island in october and there is another meeting conducted at the arts commission offices in november just prior to thanksgiving. all in all i say we probably had about fivel 0 people in attendance and the results of the meetings were very positive. there are a number of comments generated that we found to be very helpful, very substantial and they will be incorporated into the actual master plan. the status of the master plan at this point is that we have a first draft completed. it is copy edited and the images are loud into it. i will return in the future to present that to you. what i'm doing today is really just the highlights and principle points of the arts master plan.
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it is valuable opportunity for your input and hope you will have comments. so, we regard this and i keep saying this and i don't get tired of saying it, this is a once in a life time opportunity as board member richardson said. it is very unusual to have a situation where we are working on a island from scratch opposed to a building or campus. it is a unique opportunity in my many years of working in the public art field and furthermore, it's so unique because the money for the art program is generated by the private 1 percent for art requirement and in this instance reflected in intergovernmental agreement between the arts commission and tida, all that money shall be used to enhance and activate the islands parks and open spaces with art
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works opposed to be using used at the private development site. i want to thank tida and ticd for this act. i believe it is unprecedented. i will start my presentation. i think you all probably have seen the preliminary draft. may i have the next slide? i also like to introduce aletea lee, my assistant at the arts commission who is working very closely with me on the arts master plan. the table of contents is in a state of flux but wanted to include this so you can see the plan itself will be very very comprehensive and we'll go into detail. we tried
6:40 pm
to approach the thinking of every possibly subject and every possible question that could arise. i should say the purpose of the master plan is to really provide a framework and guide for the implementation of the program. its user audience are the artist who apply for projects, but think it will be a tool for administrators of the arts commission in treasure islands in the future because it sets forth the guv nns and vision the plan is based upon. the vision is very clear and susick. we want the islands to become a international dist ination for the arts and help the arts brands the island and like to think about the art works as the new treasures of the islands. we want to use the name of the islands as the basis for the arts program.
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next. the curatorial framework we dweved is specific to the islands as you can see. i just mentioned working with the name of the island. considering the very unique vantage point in the middle of the bay i think i'll borrow commissioner richardson or commissioner fei tsen jewel. honoring the place, i know that we want our plan to be consistent and in sync with the vision and mission for the tida has for the island and know honoring the place is a component. and then we want artist-we think it is great opportunity for artist to develop projects that respond to the history and unique ecology of the islands. next. goals and objectives. we are thinking really
6:42 pm
big. as i said, we have never had a opportunity like this and we want to make certain to get this right and do a great job. so, we want to commission high level, important projects that attract a international audience and be a benefit to those on the islands and visitors from the bay area, across the country and around the world. what we mean by intentional flexibility is we don't want to presume to lock ourselves into a plan without knowing how the island will change as it beps populated with the new development, so we want the plan to be responsive to the new communities that will be on the islands and want to be able to modify and change the plan as needed in
6:43 pm
response to the residential and in response to visitors and the artists who do projects there . their feedback is very important. we are just thinking of ways to survey visiting public and the artist so we can inform the future evolution of the plan. we have come up with a great idea that we like to conduct a reoccurring treasure hunt maybe every two years or maybe three years. we have to go through it once and see what the cost and labor involved is, but this is a opportunity to commission as many as 30 artists or arts organizations to do projects in different media throughout the island. all the artists who have studios on the island are invited to participate without competing. they are gibbon a stipeened to open the studio to the public. it is a goal to be as
6:44 pm
inclusive as possible. and then we are interested-we want this program to be diverse in every aspect and one of the ways to achieve that is to have emerging artists working along the international renowned and established. so, we hope to establish the cultural legacy for the island. some of the ways we want to do that is to install, preserve, conserve and reinstall the sculptures and identify location for the installation of the [inaudible] murals. we would like to establish a artist and rez dents program so the artist don't necessarily live on the island but think it is great place for artists be assigned studios and
6:45 pm
assigned to a certain part the islands where they visit on a daily basis and in the studio they write about it. possibly theatical productions. we are also looking to partner with artists, collectors, cultural institutions and invite them to display existing works. one of the other partnering opportunity would be with the artists who received work from the bay bridge steel program. cal trains made available certain sections of steel from the eastern span of the bay bridge before it was dismantled and those will be distributed to a number of artists, landscape architects and architects, so the treasure island arts program is receptive to the temporary display of those works. and then of course it is always very important in order to preserve the cultural legacy of
6:46 pm
the program to have a program in place for the long term care and stewardsship of the treasure ilen collection. the art works to be commissioned will not become part of the civic art collection, tida will have its own collection and stipumented in the intergovernmental agreement is the fact a commitment from tida to provide funds to insure, maintain and conserve the art work. prior to every art work proposed for approval, it would be acompnied by a conservitors report so tida knows what they are get nothing to by saying yes we want this as part of our collection. next. we also have the opportunity because this isn't bond money and typically percent for arts programs have to comply with the restrictions associated with on
6:47 pm
fundsing, which means most public art programs are only permanent visual arts work, but because this is private money coming into the city, it comes with no strings attached, so to speak in terms of requirements. we are able to have a exspanseive and inclusive art program as possibly. that means permanent and temporary work and visual art work and performing arts, media arts, light projection. i think this will be very very exciting and really a first in the field. it also enables us to open the door to all the other artists who are not able to blft fwraum the many government programs. let's see, i mentioned earlier we are hoping to develop partnerships with museums and arts non-profits, with other cultural institutions in the bay area and perhaps even from beyond the bay area. initially we'll start locally.
6:48 pm
we also think this is a great time at least in the initial few years to support experiments-cultural experimentitation. we don't mean doing anything that is dangerous and not appropriate but it is very interesting transitional time and think it will generate a lot of interesting projects. we fantasize about a interaction with the maritime community. here you see a example of a project by daniel bure an on the lotm left where the artist was able to collaborate with a maritime group and the sales were designed by a artist. next. and we are hoping to bring people together, residents, visitors, artists for shared experiences. we want the artwork to serve as
6:49 pm
destination points and gateways on the island. we like to establish a lecture series features the artist who have art work on the islands and resident on the island. we are hoping to establish partnerships with museums and non-profits and have them come to the island and bring their constituents as well. and then the master plan will contain many layouts and i have a few included here, so there will be a image and description of the site, site map showing where the site is on the islands and description of the mumentple opportunities that sometimes will be for permanent work, a variety of opportunity permanent can bring different media and hope this is a useful tool for artists. the cultural park, which i understand the museum was cont plating using that site and now we
6:50 pm
are happy we can include it in the arts master plan again. and we have different categories of arts programming. as i mentioned, permanent and temporary in all media. the island wide treasure hunt, the artist and residents and partner shps with others. we use several different processes for commissioning work. whether it is permanent or temporary-typically permanent work we do open call and request for qualifications. invitational competition means we develop short list say 20 artist we look at and decide upon finalist. in certain situations particularly
6:51 pm
temporary projects, there might be the need to act quickly for certain opportunity to make a direct selection and then again speaking our desire to be as flexible as possible we realize not everyone will fit into the opportunities advertised in the request for qualification. not avenue wn will see the documents in time for the specified deadlines so two times a year we want to have opportunities for people to submit unsolicited proposals we will review them, there is no guarantee of fundsing but it provides a opportunity for somebody who said i like to do a project, it isn't mentioned on the list but here is my idea and we'll take it seriously. and then we will conduct preapplication workshops. we think this will be very important to acquaint artist with the island and arts master plan
6:52 pm
goals and objectives, certainly with the treasure hunt when we identify specific sites we would probably do a island tou r. the selection panels will generally follow this composition where we have a member from the arts commission, member from tida, from the treasure arts steering committee and i'll describe that group in a moment or two. one to three [inaudible] professionals, a member from the resident community or general public and a member of the project design team. a little more detail about the artist and residents program, we have work said with tida and cmg to talk where the studios might take place. we are talking using some of the historic buildings and the possible sites didn't mean the artist will have a little building at the site but it is
6:53 pm
a place the artist will be assigned and visit on a regular basis and be inspired by that site to create a project. and then there will be requirement for public program or presentation and exhibition or lecture. and then the artist selection and design critear you we use is fairly consistent across the boards with the arts commission own criteria but we do want to point out we added culltual equity to our list. we are very committed to cultural equity. the arts commission is making a great effort in this regard so moved it on to the list. we are very concerned about the appropriateness of the artwork to its context. treasure island has a very unique climate, there are environmental conditions that need to be dealt with it. it is a maritime
6:54 pm
environment, we want the work commission to look good and sur vive so that is very important consideration for us. next. and then the guv overnance. the arts commission is the day to day managers of the program. everything will be subject to ultimately tida approval. we will establish a treasure island art steering community comprised of 5 mbs. this is based upon two successful models we utilized at the arts commissionment we have a airport arts steering committee and transbay arts committee. bob isologist familiar with this type of structure. of the 5 members, tida appoints 32 e. one of the members will have someone who has experience in the visual or performing
6:55 pm
arts. another member is representing ticd to insure their voice is heard. and then the arts commission would be able to appoint two members to this committee. this doesn't have-the terms would perhaps- we haven't stipulated the duration of the term. perhaps initially it is 2 or 3 years but we think this will be a valuable sounding board. the arts commission will bring proposals to the treasure island arts steering committee and will hopefully give the project the blessing and then it comes to the tida board. this is summary. we made multiple presentations to our visual arts committee and there are a couple public meetingsism we also happy to have the opportunity to present to the
6:56 pm
tida community advisory board. we will go to the arts commission the beginning of february with the draft arts master plan and will come back to you probably 2 or 3 times after that h. our next steps, so our next step is working with bob to establish the treasure island arts steering committee. we will finalize the arts master plan with your inpenalty and input of the arts commissioners and make presentations to the bodiesefe the master plan and newly established arts steering committee. also in the process-we prioritized a list of sites on the island that is part of the arts master plan. we include the phase one sites associated with phase one construction in our 2017, 2018 budget so we
6:57 pm
can start the planning and get knhigz artists to do preliminary design tocoordinate that with your construction documents so that it is the most efficient cost effective way to plan for the art programs that were not coming in after the fact and having to jackhammer concrete in a beautifulplaza. we'll start our in-depth planning and research for the treasure island treasure hunt establishing what we think will be a reasonable and realistic budget, launching a promotional program as well. i don't know if you need me to go into all these details but it is related to getting the projects up and going and making progress with the arts master plan and letting the public bow know about the program. it is
6:58 pm
very important my colleagues advised it is one thing to do all this work but we have to get the word out and let people know the arts community and public know that this is happening so it could be the jewel that commissioner-sorry to call your commissioner, used to that from the arts commission, it is jewel that you mentioned in your comments. we also spent some time thinking how to measure the success of this program. what are the ways we use to evaluate it and this is a important tool for us to change the program in the future as need be. one is has it become a destination for the arts. are people coming there for that purpose? what is the response from the public? do they seem happy? is the quaument and credsability of the art programming helds in high regard? are
6:59 pm
other institutions and non-profit organizations interested in partnering with us and coming to the island? have we-something i didn't mention earlier but i think it will be very important to develop relationships with chair charityable foundations and seek fundsing from the national endowment for the arts. if we receive the $50 million or up to it sounds like a lot of money but the program is implemented over years and so it isn't a lot of money so in the initial launch it will be important to establish these type of relationships so the program can be ongoing and not have a start and finish. we are hoping that a non-profit perhaps or foundation might be interested in underwriting the artist and residents program which will have its own unique set of needs. is the artist and residency
7:00 pm
program appealing to artist? these are some of the bays s ways we measure success and hope qulou will have thoughts we can add to that list. i think that is probably it. is that it? happy to answer your questions and would love to hear your comments. thank you. >> thank you so much. let me begin and then have the other directors comment. i think this is the first presentation i have seen of the arts master plan so it is all that i had hoped and expected that it would be. it is excellent job that you have done and it touches on many aspects where makes it is very comprehensive master plan. i think treasure island is such


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